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Superbowl, Drinking, and dancing

On Sunday I went to a Superbowl party at the Wisconsin museum created by the guy from Neenah I met at Nonprofit Commons on Friday. One of the guys there is a substance abuse counselor. I asked if there was an Alcoholics Anonymous in Second Life. He gave me a notecard, which I passed along to Jazzy.

Jazzy asked why I sent it. I told him I had heard about the griefing alts. He said it wasn’t him. Sure it wasn’t.

I asked Bogeyman what had happened. “He said we were clowns running a circus,” Bogeyman said.

“Well, the circus part is right,” I responded.

I attended a dance class in Learn Avatar. Basically, it was for newbies to show them how to use dance balls at clubs and parties. I went to stir trouble.

As class was starting, I scrounged through my inventory and found some female shapes, skin, hair, and turned into a woman. There was an awful Bollywood costume in the standard library I tried on, but decided on a pink latex whore outfit that I had won in a midnight madness board contest. Still, it was less whorish than most of the outfits women wear in Second Life. It covered my lady breasts.

I hopped on a pose ball and started dancing. “Who wants to dance with me?” I asked.

Nobody. So still wearing my pink whore outfit, I changed back to a man. Then Katie danced with me, or more like through me. “We don’t fit well together,” I said.

“Definitely not personality-wise,” she said.


Transvestite avatars

Today Learn Avatar had class to talk about new rules for owning land. We got to vote on potential themes. I’m not so sure that themes are a great idea. When someone tried to go all rule-militant in Noobieville a couple of months ago, the management became very rude to the residents and the whole place imploded.

During class, Soda complained about Loop’s land. “It’s just bunch of boxes with your website. And the web site sucks.” He also complained about Chester owning land elsewhere, then coming to class without paying attention. Chester was very quiet during Soda’s tirade. Either because he wasn’t paying attention, or he was too mature to respond.

Tina talked by voice during class. Then she asked why someone was sending her a private message. Leonie had also talked out loud. Then she typed, “Why is there harassment in class,” in the classroom chat and pasted something one of the guys had sent her.

“I didn’t get a private message because he thinks I’m a guy,” Loop typed.

Soda went on about how guys in Second Life hit on the women who speak out loud because most of the female avatars in Second Life are actually guys. “About half the women in this class are probably guys,” he said. I kind of doubted it, because I think I’d heard all the women in that classroom speak at some point.