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My favorite theme in Second Life: Yard sale

I went to a freebie store to look for some professional shoes. Not many choices for men. I ended up with casual shoes that were all black.

A lot of newbies were hanging around the store, so I chatted with them, gave them a BudgetJustified.com freebies folder, and invited them to join the group. A non-American guy told me he really wanted to be an actor.

Afterward, I went to the sandbox on the Sci Fi sim of Learn Avatar. I don’t know why Learn Avatar makes a big deal about themes for their sims. It’s not as though everything matches. And things are always under construction.

I’m planning to teach a few classes, to get more involved in Learn Avatar. I’m tired of taking the ‘classes’ that are currently offered. You don’t learn anything. You just follow a list of instructions to make something exactly the same size and shape as everyone else makes them. I’d like to put a bit more creativity into the classes. I asked Bogeyman about the requirements for mentor status.

“Teach three classes a week and help people with questions,” he said. Then I asked about headmasters.

“Attend staff meetings, help people out, and make sure the place doesn’t look like a yardsale.”

“What if the theme is Yardsale?” I asked.

“We have that,” he responded. “It’s called Themeless.”


By the light of the glimmering chess set

My next door neighbor, Ruthi, had an aquarium but it was gone. She said that it didn’t go with the theme of Good and Bad. I didn’t know what she meant. She didn’t really know what that was about either.

Then I noticed that Trinity took away half my chess set. She said it didn’t go with the theme. Theme? What theme? I hadn’t heard anything about a theme. She told me to read the notice.

Well, the only notices in the past few days were about houses that were emanating too much light, a picture of a printer mouse (?) and a picture of two avatars having sex, which someone referred to as a group activity. No wonder nobody reads the notices.

I told Trinity that the last two notices were about “seeing houses from space and the group activity.” One of her friends confirmed my observation.

“Good,” I said. “I thought I was losing my mind.”