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Superbowl, Drinking, and dancing

On Sunday I went to a Superbowl party at the Wisconsin museum created by the guy from Neenah I met at Nonprofit Commons on Friday. One of the guys there is a substance abuse counselor. I asked if there was an Alcoholics Anonymous in Second Life. He gave me a notecard, which I passed along to Jazzy.

Jazzy asked why I sent it. I told him I had heard about the griefing alts. He said it wasn’t him. Sure it wasn’t.

I asked Bogeyman what had happened. “He said we were clowns running a circus,” Bogeyman said.

“Well, the circus part is right,” I responded.

I attended a dance class in Learn Avatar. Basically, it was for newbies to show them how to use dance balls at clubs and parties. I went to stir trouble.

As class was starting, I scrounged through my inventory and found some female shapes, skin, hair, and turned into a woman. There was an awful Bollywood costume in the standard library I tried on, but decided on a pink latex whore outfit that I had won in a midnight madness board contest. Still, it was less whorish than most of the outfits women wear in Second Life. It covered my lady breasts.

I hopped on a pose ball and started dancing. “Who wants to dance with me?” I asked.

Nobody. So still wearing my pink whore outfit, I changed back to a man. Then Katie danced with me, or more like through me. “We don’t fit well together,” I said.

“Definitely not personality-wise,” she said.


I won’t tell your wife you sat on my face

Bogeyman and Kristen were visiting my new neighbor Crissiebear. Kristen was checking out the neighborhood and noticed that a few people had taken several plots of land, even though everyone is allowed only one plot. She announced this to the Learn Avatar neighborhood chat. “I’m trying to buy the plot next to me,” I replied in the chat. “And it’s not happening.”

Another woman announced in the neighborhood chat that she was very popular today. “Are you running around naked?” I asked.

I’m not sure why she would announce that to the whole neighborhood. The sad thing is that in Second Life, women are popular with men for only one thing. Did she really want the whole neighborhood to think that she was easy?

I visited with Wyld. Her neighbor has a plot four times the size of mine, but it’s filled with only trees. Kind of nice, but if you’re just going to put up trees without building anything, why do you need a huge plot?

A few days ago, Arcus invited the neighborhood to try out a new invention he created. It’s like a Midnight Madness board where a certain number of avatars have to sign up, and like a sploder that passes out money to everyone nearby. But instead of signing up and getting your friends to stop by before midnight, you have to get each of your friends to sit in a chair. When fifteen avatars are sitting in chairs, the table passes out a gift to everyone there. Like Midnight Madness boards, it’s a good marketing tool for builders and shop owners.

I sent a message to Arcus to let him know that I thought his invention was cool and that it had given me an idea for two things I wanted to build/script, although I have a lot to learn before I can actually create my two projects. He said that his friends had been very helpful to him and that there were a lot of people in Learn Avatar that would be really great about helping out.

I stopped by to visit Phi and Asimov while they were working on installing a dance ball at Phi’s place. Except that Asimov wasn’t his usual robot self. He was his alt, an Indian woman named Professor. He had chosen an Indian woman because his fiancée is Indian. But she’s not from India. She’s from the Philippines.

Since I was the only male avatar there, Phi asked me to get on the male pose ball so she could test out her dance ball. Professor Asimov got on the female pose ball and we danced. He wanted to make it clear that he was actually a man in real life. “You don’t know whether or not I’m actually a woman in real life,” I said.

Phi danced with me and my hands were all over Phi’s breasts. Phi got off the dance ball and landed on my head. “You’re sitting on my face,” I said.

Professor Asimov danced with me again. When he/she was done, he/she also sat on my face.

Phi said she’d get another man to dance with us. When Cadey arrived, I said, “I want to dance with Cadey.”

“Only if you don’t tell my wife,” he said.

“Alright, but don’t tell my husband,” I said.

Phi thought it was hilarious to see the two of us waltzing. And of course, when Cadey got off the dance ball, he sat on my face.

Experiment with a castle

A few days ago I entered a Midnight Madness contest with Chrissy. If enough people sign up on a board before midnight, everyone who signs up wins whatever is being offered on that board. I won a castle. At midnight that day, it went into my inventory and I didn’t think much of it.

I finally took it out of inventory to check it out. It was huge! It was fantastically gorgeous. I wished I could take it apart and use parts of it because I don’t want to put a prebuilt castle in my neighborhood. Especially since it has several obscene pose balls in it. But it would be great to take apart and experiment with each of the pillows, windows, pose balls, and the curtain of mist you walk through to get inside.

I think I’ll make a curtain of mist on my castle.