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Nonprofit Commons: where the brainy people scare off the flirts

I went to the weekly meeting at the Nonprofit Commons. They had several presenters. One discussed an immersion journalism project. In addition to writing about what it was like at Guantanamo Bay, they created an experience, so people could feel what it was like being there with their senses, rather than being limited to reading the story.

I was carrying my sign again. And nobody had a problem with it. It must have been OK with their theme. It’s sort of a protest against the US government sign, so I don’t think most people in Second Life would mind, but apparently it doesn’t go with some people’s ‘theme.’ I think it’s ridiculous that people get militant over their themes in this game.

A few of the organizers of the Nonprofit Commons added me to their friend list. I’m glad to have some people in my list who are working on really interesting social projects, not just building and scripting projects.

During the meeting, I cleaned out some of my groups. I was still in the Arcus Was Here group. Since he’s not around anymore, I don’t need to belong to it anymore. I checked to see who else was in the group. Juliet was online, so I sent her a message.

She was a member of Learn Avatar in May. She always stopped by to visit Arcus and Parx, sitting around and flirting on voice chat. She had friended me at some point, but I hadn’t seen her for awhile and she was no longer in my friend list.

I sent her a message asking if she was still building. She wanted me to stop by her new house and to talk by voice.

I came over during a slow part of the meeting. I said I had to go back to the meeting for a moment. She wanted to come, so I teleported her there. She was disappointed that nobody was talking by voice. Then she disappeared and logged off.

I went country dancing again, still with the sign. Nobody seemed to mind it there either. I even won some Linden dollars from the sploder and from the voting contest. In fact, I went the whole day without anyone complaining about my sign.


I’m not gonna pay to hold my sign at your orgy

Clover introduced herself to me while I was flying around Learn Avatar looking for the current location of the main office. When I first joined Learn Avatar, there were two sims and about a hundred residents. Now there are thirteen sims and over nine hundred residents.

“I can’t keep up with all the changes around here,” I said. So Clover took me to the office and I landmarked it. An odd fellow was there who made strange remarks about things in my profile that neither Clover nor I could relate to.

Fully clothed, I stopped by a few nude beaches carrying my BudgetJustified.com sign. I met a fully clothed European newbie who was very nice. I gave her a landmark for the Learn Avatar main office and a BudgetJustified.com freebie folder.

At one beach, they told me to get rid of my sign or they’d ban me from their beach. I figured out that the sign is sending messages to join the BudgetJustified.com group. Which might be useful in some places, but I’ll have to use a less disruptive sign in other venues.

The chick kept arguing with me about the sign, which is how I figured out what was going on. She obviously wasn’t the owner of the beach. She was just a volunteer patrolling the beach. Owners want customers. They don’t harass customers.

But just as I was about to teleport away, she said I could continue to hold my sign as long as I joined their group. Yeah, right. I’m going to pay five hundred Linden dollars, especially after getting chided like a little boy, to hold my sign at their orgy.

Come to my new store!

I’m renting shop space! Someone mentioned in Learn Avatar neighborhood chat that the first four weeks of rent are $400L and it’s $200L, or about eighty American cents, every week after that.

I have some extra money in my account from playing some games where you show up and click on the board to get free money for showing up. I might as well use it on the store and hopefully I’ll sell a few things so I can pay for more weeks. I don’t think the clicking for free money games are allowed in Second Life anymore.

I decided to sell items related to a movie that my friend LisaSchaefer Ruby produced in real life. She stopped by to give me several items so I could put them in my store. I’ll have to put together some events so that people know what the items are about.

The mall where my store is located is really nice looking. There are trees and park benches right outside my shop. A street runs between rows of shops. I have a front and back door to my shop.

Roger, the owner of the mall stopped by and chatted with LisaSchaefer and me for awhile. He’s from Brazil and is into playing a cat in Second Life. The mall theme is supposed to be about people who play cats, or Nekos, but there’s a Santa store and an India store.

Winning more money

I logged on as my alt again, so I could register to win some money under both avatars. Well, I couldn’t register for the money as the alt because he’s less than a month old.

But! The nice guy was in the country dance bar again and told me that there were ten minutes left for voting. Good thing I was there as my alt because the bitchy woman was hosting again. I teleported the nice woman I met yesterday to vote with me. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to see the board in time, so I ended up exchanging votes with another woman who was there.

Turns out that a third person also voted for me! So I won extra Linden dollars.

Focus on the big picture

I tried going around with my alt again today to see if I’d get any reactions about being a newbie. I went to a country dance bar to see if anyone would say hi. I got messages from two women who were kind of rude. And one was the hostess of the bar. I told her she was being a bitch. I very very rarely say things like that, but I thought that the hostess should have been much more professional.

Since the bar was having a voting contest, I brought both avatars so we could vote for each other. But it was taking too long, so one of me went to class. The other stayed behind for votes. But I crashed and almost lost my votes. Luckily I returned in time. I voted for two people, and received two votes in return. But I’m tired of country dancing and all the waiting – for all the stuff to show up clearly on my screen, for the voting to start, and for the voting to end –  and frustrated with the crashing, lost votes that go along with it.

One woman who sent me a message was nice. Both avatars friended her. Maybe that wasn’t a good idea. But I don’t expect to be using my alt much. I’m not having much fun pretending to be a newbie. Even if I did find someone who wanted to take me around to find good stuff, I’d probably be bored while shopping.

I’d rather spend my time learning my scripting. And I’m more interested in meeting people who are more skilled than I am. I’d rather make money selling my stuff than get a few Linden dollars for standing around at a dance club. I’d rather focus on the long term.

Chrissy sent me a message while I was in class. I feel like I’m blowing her off every time I chat with her. I really need to invite her to something because she’s always been very nice about sending me messages.

Printing Second Life money

Yesterday I attended Parx’s particle blasting class. We didn’t learn the code of the script itself, but he did give us code to play with and pick apart.

We had to load our own texture onto the particle blaster. I chose bricks. But they were too big. I don’t want to blast entire walls at anyone, just individual bricks. I tried asphalt, but that just made gray walls.

At the end of the class, Parx used a particle blaster to blast money to each of the students. Woo hoo! I received $80L! I only had $119L, so it was great to have a little more spending money.

I asked if we could make a device that gave money to ourselves, instead of a device that gave money to other people. “The money has to come from somewhere,” Parx said.

“I just thought the government printed it,” I said.