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Men are friendlier to me than women

In Learn Avatar chat I asked what had happened to Bogeyman. As if he wanted to tell me himself, he logged on right after my comment posted.

I chatted with him awhile. He said Rich, the owner of the Learn Avatar sims, made it difficult.

Gia asked me if I had a landmark for the new head office. Probably because I had a comment in Learn Avatar chat. Her profile said she was deaf, so I asked if she knew Trevyn.

Anastasia is a co-director of Learn Avatar. I stopped by to look at her stores. Baby furniture. Wasn’t hers, though. Dakota, Bogeyman’s partner, has a child in real life.

I stopped by Silverado and won money in the dance voting. I don’t know who voted for me because I couldn’t find a voting partner. I asked a few people if they wanted to do a three-way vote, but I don’t think they understood how three people would share votes. I figured it wasn’t worth explaining.

One of the guys there told me about Dry Gulch, another country dance place. I went to check it out. There were tumbleweeds, but they didn’t tumble. They slid.

Dry Gulch was just as hopping as Silverado. The theme was pajamas, so I put on my BudgetJustified.com t-shirt and my granite pants. I gave a BudgetJustified.com shirt to all the guys who weren’t wearing shirts. One guy gave me a cool pair of jeans. He invited me to his group. He owns a skating rink where he can put on parties.

Funny how the guys were more friendly to me there than the women.


My favorite theme in Second Life: Yard sale

I went to a freebie store to look for some professional shoes. Not many choices for men. I ended up with casual shoes that were all black.

A lot of newbies were hanging around the store, so I chatted with them, gave them a BudgetJustified.com freebies folder, and invited them to join the group. A non-American guy told me he really wanted to be an actor.

Afterward, I went to the sandbox on the Sci Fi sim of Learn Avatar. I don’t know why Learn Avatar makes a big deal about themes for their sims. It’s not as though everything matches. And things are always under construction.

I’m planning to teach a few classes, to get more involved in Learn Avatar. I’m tired of taking the ‘classes’ that are currently offered. You don’t learn anything. You just follow a list of instructions to make something exactly the same size and shape as everyone else makes them. I’d like to put a bit more creativity into the classes. I asked Bogeyman about the requirements for mentor status.

“Teach three classes a week and help people with questions,” he said. Then I asked about headmasters.

“Attend staff meetings, help people out, and make sure the place doesn’t look like a yardsale.”

“What if the theme is Yardsale?” I asked.

“We have that,” he responded. “It’s called Themeless.”

Backhanded apologies for weirding me out

When I logged on, Christian was telling everyone in Learn Avatar chat that someone had changed the textures on his gazebo. Well, it’s not possible for anyone to edit someone else’s objects unless they’re in your friend list and you check the box giving them editing permissions.

I was nearby, so I wanted to see what he was talking about. His gazebo had a swing. It kept moving, so I had a difficult time trying to sit on it. By the time I got on and looked back at the Learn Avatar chat, Christian had posted a whole rant saying that I was the one who ‘ruined his gazebo’ and he ordered the whole neighborhood to come and take me out.

What an idiot. I just came up to see what he was bitching about. I’m not even in his friend list. The gazebo wasn’t ruined. Just change the damn textures back to whatever you want them to be. There was nothing I could do to help him, so I walked away.

I found Chrissy and told her that Christian was weirding me out. Several people tried defending me in Learn Avatar chat. Christian’s partner said that I could have had a device that would have enabled me to change the textures on Christian’s objects. She’s an idiot too. There’s no such device. If there were, people would go around changing textures on competitors’ store display boards, or put graffiti and advertising in popular areas.

Chrissy said I was still new, so I couldn’t possibly have such a device. I’ll always be a newbie to Chrissy. After all, I was wearing my brick t-shirt and granite pants again.

One of the headmasters went over to Christian’s land to see what was going on. She must have explained that I couldn’t possible have anything to do with his gripes because he apologized to me in the neighborhood chat. “But would you come on to someone’s land uninvited in real life and expect that I wouldn’t accuse you of stealing?” Nice backhanded apology.

Well, this isn’t real life. And you can’t steal people’s objects in Second Life if they aren’t set to be able to get taken. And this isn’t his land. It’s Learn Avatar’s land, and he was given the privilege of reserved space to build things on a specific plot. Someone even mentioned in the neighborhood chat that the land is a learning environment and the reason we’re not allowed to have ban line is so people can stop by and see what everyone is building.

I wonder if I was banned from his land. I didn’t bother going back to find out.