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@BradTaselian, http://fb.me/xHtuMzZ3

I set up Twitter (@BradTaselian) and Facebook accounts for my avatar back in March and linked them to my blog so that my blog updates would appear as tweets and status updates. Well, I haven’t checked the email account that I set up for all these accounts since March. And I had over forty new friend requests.

Of course I accepted them all. But by the time I had responded to them, several of the avatars weren’t even on Facebook anymore. Still, I have over a hundred and sixty avatar friends now.

I also had over a hundred group, fan page, and event invitations. And I don’t want to get started on how many Farmville notifications I received. Got to change my settings so I don’t get any more of those emails.

I don’t know why I received so many friend requests. I only have five twitter followers. Maybe I need to join the right twitter group. I’ll have to send out requests for people to join my friend’s facebook group. http://fb.me/xHtuMzZ3

That was the reason I logged into my Second Life email account recently in the first place. I’ve decided to help a friend promote her movie, <i>Budget Justified,</i> in Second Life. So I wanted to check up on what kind of activity had been going on in my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

On Facebook, I posted a link to visit my friend’s movie set. Come and check out the movie clips there! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Golden%20Valley%20I/247/174/27