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I got mugged in Second Life

I taught a mug reengineering class today. We took apart a coffee mug and resized each of the geometric pieces that made up the mug. Then the advanced students stuck around to mess with the script parameters that created the steam.

Of course, the mug was a BudgetJustified.com mug. And I had a movie set out, along with my picket sign showing the DVD cover of Budget Justified. Nobody complained. Hey, I was the teacher. And while we were messing with the steam script, I took out the sign with the script that invites people to join the BudgetJustified.com group.

Someone in the class made their giant mug 5 meters in diameter instead of the .5 meters I had recommended. It swallowed the entire class.

“We’re getting mugged,” Dragon said.


Where is life?

One of my new neighbors has a lesbian group in her profile. I realized that I had not seen anything in Second Life yet about a whole aspect of the game that might be quite interesting – the gay community.

Well, it wasn’t interesting. I teleported to two lesbian clubs, but nobody was at either of them. The whole islands were devoid of other avatars. So I searched for a male gay club.

I found one that had about ten guys and one woman standing around. She was talking by voice, so I knew she was female in real life. There were no virtual alcoholic beverages around, but there was a stand that vended coffee, smoothies, and triple scoop ice cream cones.

I wondered if there was some kind of special implication in having an ice cream at a gay bar, so I googled it. I got a lot of hits, but also got a lot of hits when I googled sex and ice cream, so I’m not sure if there is any inside joke about gays and ice cream.

Just like at all Second Life clubs, it was all a bunch of mindless chatter going on. No interesting conversations. By voice, one guy said he was really hungry, so I gave him a sandwich.

Most of the people were outside, but one guy was dancing by himself inside, so I went in. He was wearing only a pair of shorts. “Do you have any clothes I could have?” he asked by voice. “I haven’t logged on in a long time and I’m missing most of my clothes.” I gave him a t-shirt and he thanked me. Then a bunch of the other guys came over. Maybe because the guy was talking by voice.

I went back outside and sat at a table next to another guy. “Hola,” he said.

“Como esta?” I responded. Then I wanted to ask where he was from. I typed ‘Donde esta…’ What next? ‘From’ in Spanish is ‘de,’ but it also means ‘of,’ so it’s not correct to say ‘Donde esta de.’ I decided to ask where he lives instead. So I typed “Donde esta viva?” But that didn’t seem right either. I think that means ‘Where is life.’ “Sorry, my Spanish isn’t even conversational,” I said. “But I tried.”