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My favorite theme in Second Life: Yard sale

I went to a freebie store to look for some professional shoes. Not many choices for men. I ended up with casual shoes that were all black.

A lot of newbies were hanging around the store, so I chatted with them, gave them a BudgetJustified.com freebies folder, and invited them to join the group. A non-American guy told me he really wanted to be an actor.

Afterward, I went to the sandbox on the Sci Fi sim of Learn Avatar. I don’t know why Learn Avatar makes a big deal about themes for their sims. It’s not as though everything matches. And things are always under construction.

I’m planning to teach a few classes, to get more involved in Learn Avatar. I’m tired of taking the ‘classes’ that are currently offered. You don’t learn anything. You just follow a list of instructions to make something exactly the same size and shape as everyone else makes them. I’d like to put a bit more creativity into the classes. I asked Bogeyman about the requirements for mentor status.

“Teach three classes a week and help people with questions,” he said. Then I asked about headmasters.

“Attend staff meetings, help people out, and make sure the place doesn’t look like a yardsale.”

“What if the theme is Yardsale?” I asked.

“We have that,” he responded. “It’s called Themeless.”


BudgetJustified.com clothing in Second Life

I logged on to check out LisaSchaefer Ruby’s new outfit from Episode 1 of Budget Justified. Good ol’ reliable Chrissy said hi as soon as I logged in.

Sock broke up with Chrissy and left Learn Avatar. She seems OK with it, says he’s still a good guy.

Chrissy sort of left Learn Avatar also. She says the classes are too basic. Yes. People quickly outgrow the need for classes in Learn Avatar.

Meeting women

I decided that it was time to venture out and meet women. I’ve spent almost all my time in Learn Avatar since my Second Life birth. I went to a jazz lounge. Many women wandered around. I saw Mari wearing stylish glasses with a tag over her head that said “Intelligence is Hot.” That’s the woman I want to meet.

As I chatted with her, the area was about to reboot. I invited Mari to see my land, but as I teleported there, I crashed! I couldn’t even log back on because Second Life was trying to put me in an area that was down.

Luckily when I logged back on later, Mari was still at the jazz lounge. She said that a friend of hers teaches classes in Second Life. I’d like to attend more classes in Second Life, so I asked which classes did he teach? She was wary at first, making it clear that I didn’t know her, so she didn’t want to give out that information. But she warmed up more as we continued to chat and had a lot of interesting things to say about her Second Life experience.

While I chatted with Mari, Carl teleported me to his location. It turned out that he wanted me to meet someone. But when I got there, she was gone. Oh, Carl. He gave me her name. She was new. Very new. Created-today new. I hope we didn’t scare her off.

So I went to a country dance bar. I met Honeybee who likes fishing and bull riding. She didn’t really warm up until it was time to vote for her. Which I did. Then I left. I don’t expect to see her around anytime soon.