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My favorite theme in Second Life: Yard sale

I went to a freebie store to look for some professional shoes. Not many choices for men. I ended up with casual shoes that were all black.

A lot of newbies were hanging around the store, so I chatted with them, gave them a BudgetJustified.com freebies folder, and invited them to join the group. A non-American guy told me he really wanted to be an actor.

Afterward, I went to the sandbox on the Sci Fi sim of Learn Avatar. I don’t know why Learn Avatar makes a big deal about themes for their sims. It’s not as though everything matches. And things are always under construction.

I’m planning to teach a few classes, to get more involved in Learn Avatar. I’m tired of taking the ‘classes’ that are currently offered. You don’t learn anything. You just follow a list of instructions to make something exactly the same size and shape as everyone else makes them. I’d like to put a bit more creativity into the classes. I asked Bogeyman about the requirements for mentor status.

“Teach three classes a week and help people with questions,” he said. Then I asked about headmasters.

“Attend staff meetings, help people out, and make sure the place doesn’t look like a yardsale.”

“What if the theme is Yardsale?” I asked.

“We have that,” he responded. “It’s called Themeless.”


Michael Jackson is helping me!!!

I was at a dance club when I logged on. I chatted briefly with a guy standing next to me, just because he was there. He said I was a friendly guy.

In my Learn Avatar neighborhood’s chat, Rich, the owner of Learn Avatar, said we need to be taking a class every other day now, instead of every week. He did say that a brief one-on-one course would be OK, even if it only lasted for five minutes. I think he just wants to make sure that everyone is doing something with the land, since we did acquire it for free.

Rich also put some burden on the builders who have been promoted. He asked the builders to ask their neighbors if they needed any help. Chadi, a Michael Jackson look-alike, came by while I was making something, I don’t know what it is yet, and gave me ten thousand textures.

“CHADI’S HELPING ME!” I entered in the neighborhood chat. “I just wanted to make sure we get brownie points for it.”