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F*ck is acceptable in Second Life. Anti-harassment campaigns are not

I logged on in the Learn Avatar main office. I had signed up to teach a class the previous day, but then had to return to change the class to today because a real life meeting came up. That is why I don’t like putting classes on the board.

There’s a new rule (there’s always a new rule) that you have to teach in the sandbox. You can’t teach on your own land. Apparently, someone had been teaching classes, then banning certain people from their land. “Teaching on your land is fine,” I said in neighborhood chat. “Banning any Learn Avatar resident from your land at any time is not.”

Stjarney, the headmaster with a blog, agreed with me. Perhaps Atlantis is the theme I should go to if I ever wanted to get land back.

Curious was in the main office. I hadn’t seen her much since she joined Learn Avatar in September. She couldn’t remember how we had met. “We were in class and you were on fire,” I said. It was a fireplace class and she made a hat out of it.

Jazzy was kicked out of Learn Avatar yesterday. I think that’s the first time a headmaster has been booted. Turns out he was making alts and going around harassing everyone while he was drunk.

I went to the Nonprofit Commons weekly meeting again. Buffy was there again and asked how my efforts to spread the word about Budget Justified were going.  I also mentioned that I was putting it on Facebook.

The greatest thing about the weekly meetings is that everyone says what organization they are with and include a link to that organization’s web site. Learn Avatar leadership seriously needs to take a lesson from these people. None of this ‘no talking about web sites’ crap. I hold my protest sign, with the BudgetJustified.com URL on it, at these meetings and nobody spazzes out over it like they do in Learn Avatar. Really, how is a URL offensive to anyone?

Next time I teach, if there is a next time, I should throw in items with titles like b*tch, f*kc, a$$hole. In Second Life, those titles are not only acceptable, they’re expected. Yet my anti-harassment web site URL is not.


Men are friendlier to me than women

In Learn Avatar chat I asked what had happened to Bogeyman. As if he wanted to tell me himself, he logged on right after my comment posted.

I chatted with him awhile. He said Rich, the owner of the Learn Avatar sims, made it difficult.

Gia asked me if I had a landmark for the new head office. Probably because I had a comment in Learn Avatar chat. Her profile said she was deaf, so I asked if she knew Trevyn.

Anastasia is a co-director of Learn Avatar. I stopped by to look at her stores. Baby furniture. Wasn’t hers, though. Dakota, Bogeyman’s partner, has a child in real life.

I stopped by Silverado and won money in the dance voting. I don’t know who voted for me because I couldn’t find a voting partner. I asked a few people if they wanted to do a three-way vote, but I don’t think they understood how three people would share votes. I figured it wasn’t worth explaining.

One of the guys there told me about Dry Gulch, another country dance place. I went to check it out. There were tumbleweeds, but they didn’t tumble. They slid.

Dry Gulch was just as hopping as Silverado. The theme was pajamas, so I put on my BudgetJustified.com t-shirt and my granite pants. I gave a BudgetJustified.com shirt to all the guys who weren’t wearing shirts. One guy gave me a cool pair of jeans. He invited me to his group. He owns a skating rink where he can put on parties.

Funny how the guys were more friendly to me there than the women.

I got mugged in Second Life

I taught a mug reengineering class today. We took apart a coffee mug and resized each of the geometric pieces that made up the mug. Then the advanced students stuck around to mess with the script parameters that created the steam.

Of course, the mug was a BudgetJustified.com mug. And I had a movie set out, along with my picket sign showing the DVD cover of Budget Justified. Nobody complained. Hey, I was the teacher. And while we were messing with the steam script, I took out the sign with the script that invites people to join the BudgetJustified.com group.

Someone in the class made their giant mug 5 meters in diameter instead of the .5 meters I had recommended. It swallowed the entire class.

“We’re getting mugged,” Dragon said.

I’m not gonna pay to hold my sign at your orgy

Clover introduced herself to me while I was flying around Learn Avatar looking for the current location of the main office. When I first joined Learn Avatar, there were two sims and about a hundred residents. Now there are thirteen sims and over nine hundred residents.

“I can’t keep up with all the changes around here,” I said. So Clover took me to the office and I landmarked it. An odd fellow was there who made strange remarks about things in my profile that neither Clover nor I could relate to.

Fully clothed, I stopped by a few nude beaches carrying my BudgetJustified.com sign. I met a fully clothed European newbie who was very nice. I gave her a landmark for the Learn Avatar main office and a BudgetJustified.com freebie folder.

At one beach, they told me to get rid of my sign or they’d ban me from their beach. I figured out that the sign is sending messages to join the BudgetJustified.com group. Which might be useful in some places, but I’ll have to use a less disruptive sign in other venues.

The chick kept arguing with me about the sign, which is how I figured out what was going on. She obviously wasn’t the owner of the beach. She was just a volunteer patrolling the beach. Owners want customers. They don’t harass customers.

But just as I was about to teleport away, she said I could continue to hold my sign as long as I joined their group. Yeah, right. I’m going to pay five hundred Linden dollars, especially after getting chided like a little boy, to hold my sign at their orgy.

Check out my awesome asslessness!

I went country dancing and won some money. The theme during the contest was Cup ‘o Coffee. If you put your name on the voting board, you had to be drinking coffee. So I gave everyone a cup of BudgetJustified.com coffee with the RoleModel Enterprises logo. Or I thought I did. I noticed later that it was just a white mug with BudgetJustified.com in the file name. I deleted the white mug and created freebie folders with BudgetJustified.com t-shirts, signs, and mugs.

Since only the country dance club owners can build on their land, I went back to Learn Avatar land to put a new graphic on the signs. Instead of having simply the DVD picture with the URL over it, I added a slogan, “the movie: What REALLY goes on in the US government” to explain what the heck BudgetJustified.com is.

I left a copy of the sign in the sandbox. Soon thereafter I received a message from Andrew asking me to pick up my trash. He’s always policing the place. I noticed that he wasn’t in my friend list, so I added him.

I went back to the country dance club and danced awhile with Lui, a Canadian who raved about healthcare. I gave her a copy of my new BudgetJustified.com freebie folder.

The new contest was called Assless. Assless? What does that mean?

I figured it out when the owner of the club said, “You can’t wear those pants if you’re going to be in the contest.” I looked around and noticed that everyone else was wearing chaps with their fashionable underwear in full view.

I didn’t have any chaps, so I made tightie whities and thigh-length purple socks. They were assless, but had more of a Superman look than country dancing. The club owner took one look and gave me chaps and a black thong.

Once I had those on, I announced in barroom chat, “Check out my awesome asslessness.”

Come to my new store!

I’m renting shop space! Someone mentioned in Learn Avatar neighborhood chat that the first four weeks of rent are $400L and it’s $200L, or about eighty American cents, every week after that.

I have some extra money in my account from playing some games where you show up and click on the board to get free money for showing up. I might as well use it on the store and hopefully I’ll sell a few things so I can pay for more weeks. I don’t think the clicking for free money games are allowed in Second Life anymore.

I decided to sell items related to a movie that my friend LisaSchaefer Ruby produced in real life. She stopped by to give me several items so I could put them in my store. I’ll have to put together some events so that people know what the items are about.

The mall where my store is located is really nice looking. There are trees and park benches right outside my shop. A street runs between rows of shops. I have a front and back door to my shop.

Roger, the owner of the mall stopped by and chatted with LisaSchaefer and me for awhile. He’s from Brazil and is into playing a cat in Second Life. The mall theme is supposed to be about people who play cats, or Nekos, but there’s a Santa store and an India store.

@BradTaselian, http://fb.me/xHtuMzZ3

I set up Twitter (@BradTaselian) and Facebook accounts for my avatar back in March and linked them to my blog so that my blog updates would appear as tweets and status updates. Well, I haven’t checked the email account that I set up for all these accounts since March. And I had over forty new friend requests.

Of course I accepted them all. But by the time I had responded to them, several of the avatars weren’t even on Facebook anymore. Still, I have over a hundred and sixty avatar friends now.

I also had over a hundred group, fan page, and event invitations. And I don’t want to get started on how many Farmville notifications I received. Got to change my settings so I don’t get any more of those emails.

I don’t know why I received so many friend requests. I only have five twitter followers. Maybe I need to join the right twitter group. I’ll have to send out requests for people to join my friend’s facebook group. http://fb.me/xHtuMzZ3

That was the reason I logged into my Second Life email account recently in the first place. I’ve decided to help a friend promote her movie, <i>Budget Justified,</i> in Second Life. So I wanted to check up on what kind of activity had been going on in my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

On Facebook, I posted a link to visit my friend’s movie set. Come and check out the movie clips there! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Golden%20Valley%20I/247/174/27