I’m not gonna pay to hold my sign at your orgy

Clover introduced herself to me while I was flying around Learn Avatar looking for the current location of the main office. When I first joined Learn Avatar, there were two sims and about a hundred residents. Now there are thirteen sims and over nine hundred residents.

“I can’t keep up with all the changes around here,” I said. So Clover took me to the office and I landmarked it. An odd fellow was there who made strange remarks about things in my profile that neither Clover nor I could relate to.

Fully clothed, I stopped by a few nude beaches carrying my BudgetJustified.com sign. I met a fully clothed European newbie who was very nice. I gave her a landmark for the Learn Avatar main office and a BudgetJustified.com freebie folder.

At one beach, they told me to get rid of my sign or they’d ban me from their beach. I figured out that the sign is sending messages to join the BudgetJustified.com group. Which might be useful in some places, but I’ll have to use a less disruptive sign in other venues.

The chick kept arguing with me about the sign, which is how I figured out what was going on. She obviously wasn’t the owner of the beach. She was just a volunteer patrolling the beach. Owners want customers. They don’t harass customers.

But just as I was about to teleport away, she said I could continue to hold my sign as long as I joined their group. Yeah, right. I’m going to pay five hundred Linden dollars, especially after getting chided like a little boy, to hold my sign at their orgy.


Check out my awesome asslessness!

I went country dancing and won some money. The theme during the contest was Cup ‘o Coffee. If you put your name on the voting board, you had to be drinking coffee. So I gave everyone a cup of BudgetJustified.com coffee with the RoleModel Enterprises logo. Or I thought I did. I noticed later that it was just a white mug with BudgetJustified.com in the file name. I deleted the white mug and created freebie folders with BudgetJustified.com t-shirts, signs, and mugs.

Since only the country dance club owners can build on their land, I went back to Learn Avatar land to put a new graphic on the signs. Instead of having simply the DVD picture with the URL over it, I added a slogan, “the movie: What REALLY goes on in the US government” to explain what the heck BudgetJustified.com is.

I left a copy of the sign in the sandbox. Soon thereafter I received a message from Andrew asking me to pick up my trash. He’s always policing the place. I noticed that he wasn’t in my friend list, so I added him.

I went back to the country dance club and danced awhile with Lui, a Canadian who raved about healthcare. I gave her a copy of my new BudgetJustified.com freebie folder.

The new contest was called Assless. Assless? What does that mean?

I figured it out when the owner of the club said, “You can’t wear those pants if you’re going to be in the contest.” I looked around and noticed that everyone else was wearing chaps with their fashionable underwear in full view.

I didn’t have any chaps, so I made tightie whities and thigh-length purple socks. They were assless, but had more of a Superman look than country dancing. The club owner took one look and gave me chaps and a black thong.

Once I had those on, I announced in barroom chat, “Check out my awesome asslessness.”

I’m gonna partner myself to my female alt

I chatted with Lily for quite awhile. She has been dating a lot in Second Life lately. I asked how that was going. “Some people are jerks. But I just teleport away if I get sick of them,” she said. I have a feeling that must happen a lot.

She said she was currently involved in a week-long fling. “I think he’s about to break it off,” she said. He told her she doesn’t seem interested. Probably because she wasn’t.

I visited Chrissy. Her latest boyfriend is named Irish and they have a house together. Irish wasn’t being very chatty. He was probably chatting in private message to someone else.

I asked about Bogeyman. He’s dating Dakota now. Heather came back as an alt and had stopped by to tell Chrissy and Bogeyman about it.

“If she’s gonna mention it to you, why bother with the alt?” I asked.

“She’s a drama queen,” Chrissy said.

Heather’s alt is partnered to someone already. But she told Chrissy and Bogeyman that her partner is yet another alt. Sure he is.

Tu es un chaqueta bonita (means I need a translator)

Lily came back! I sent her a private message asking how she’d been.

“Bored,” she said.

She said she was at a club dancing with someone. I tried chatting a little, but she didn’t seem interested.

I hadn’t been to a club in awhile, so I went to a blues place. I danced with a woman named Lana. She’s a little older than I in real life. She was very pleasant to chat with.

I hung out in Learn Avatar for a little while. I met two women from Brazil. I was still wearing Roger’s jacket that said ‘Brasil’ across the front. “See my jacket?” I asked. “Chaqueta,” I translated.

They continued chatting in Portuguese, I said a few things in Spanish and English. I don’t know any Portuguese, but Spanish is close, and I know a few words in that language. I think they said it was bonita, or pretty. I think I responded by saying that they were bonita.

I look soooo hot

I stopped by my store, still wearing my paper shirt and rainbow pants. Roger told me I needed to upgrade my avatar. “A lot of people tell me that,” I said.

He gave me a few skins, shapes, hair, clothes, and an animation override. I sent Chrissy a message. “These guys are giving me a makeover,” I said.

“It’s about time,” she responded. She asked me to teleport her. Roger took me to an empty field. Another friend of his showed up. Then Chrissy arrived. Roger told me to take off all my clothes and put on the new skin. “In front of Chrissy?” I asked.

They had a tough time critiquing my new look. I could see the clothes and skin, but their browsers showed what I was wearing an hour earlier, even after I relogged. So I tried a different browser and ended up wearing what I had on a week ago.

So I put Roger’s skin, shape, and clothing on again. Hurray! This time they saw the same clothes I did.

Chrissy said I looked hot and that Bogeyman would be jealous that I would be getting all the women. I have to admit that I liked the face more than any other’s I’d tried. And even though the muscle shading and shape were extreme, they looked somewhat realistic. As opposed to many angular hulk shapes I’ve seen.

Left brained fingers

I popped into a class that I had no idea what it was supposed to be about. The title on the class announcement was ‘3D sketching.’ Then the instructor arrived and, although I believe that her native language was English, she said in broken English that the goal was to “renew our inner self through building.”

“What’s this Inner Self stuff?” I asked.

“It’s building from the heart without letting the left brain interfere,” one of the other attendees said.

“The spontaneous builder in you,” the instructor said.

“I can be spontaneous,” I explained, “but it’s not because of my heart.”

“Is it your head?” the instructor asked.

“Fingers,” I said.

While I waited to figure out what the class was about, I created pants that were made out of a sculpty file. Sculpties are graphics files that contain data for creating a shape out of a prim. If you open them, they look rainbow colored. When you put them on pants, you get tie dye. Then I created a shirt out of a graphic file of a page of a technical paper.

Jak was running around all over the sandbox while we chatted. Someone told him to settle down. “Just get to the damn lesson,” Jak said. Then someone else told him to be patient.

“All this heart crap is tiring,” Jak responded.

Another student told Jak to stop complaining and one woman said we should mute Jak. Then Bogeyman showed up. The rest of the class decided to leave and hold class elsewhere.

I started to follow them, but then Bogeyman sent me a private message asking what happened. So I chatted with Bogeyman and Jak for awhile. I said I didn’t think Jak was any more disruptive than anyone else in the class had been.

Jak said that he had about thirty alts. He keeps having to create a new one because people keep getting mad at him. I looked at his profile and saw that he belonged to a hobo group. I asked him if lives in California. He does. “Do you have an alt named Jack?” I asked. He wouldn’t admit to it.

I asked if he used to live in Noobieville, if he used to have a hobo girlfriend named Crystal, if he had been friends with Scott Zuzu. He denied it all. But when I saw him the next day, he admitted that he was indeed Jack Frenzy.

Jak mentioned that he had met Heather at a club a while ago. He said that she was one of the better DJs, with a good microphone and selection of music.

“Where’s Heather?” I asked.

“She disappeared from Second Life about two months ago,” Bogeyman said.

“WHAT?” Turns out that Heather decided to get back with her husband in real life. I looked at her profile. It still says that she and Bogeyman got married in Second Live Vegas and that she loves him so much. I wonder if she’s wandering around as an alt now.

After Jak left, Bogeyman asked me, “So you’re single in real life?”

“Pretty much,” I responded. But this wasn’t about my love life. It was about Bogeyman and I didn’t want to talk about me.

Maybe Bogeyman didn’t want to talk about himself anymore either. I was in private chat with Chrissy, so I teleported her over to hang out with us.

Still wearing my paper shirt and tie dyed pants, I asked Chrissy, “How do you like my outfit?”

She asked if I wanted the truth. “No,” I replied.

“I love it!”

Are you a man in drag?

I was cleaning things up and adding items to the store when he accidentally deleted myself from the Neko group. This meant that I couldn’t put things in the store. I couldn’t find the page to join the group, so I sent a message to Roger to re-invite me.

A woman named Manalo stopped by. Everything she chatted ended with an exclamation point. I chatted with her a little while, asked how she found the mall. Then she disappeared and sent me a teleport invitation.

The location name seemed familiar. And when I arrived, I knew why. A friend of mine had been teleported there several months ago by a weird guy who didn’t speak any English. He had been teleporting a whole bunch of women there, and they disappeared as soon as they saw the red sex beds and cages.

On a stage amongst the red beds, Manalo was pole dancing. “Are you a man in real life?” I asked.

“No, Manalo is my boyfriend’s name,” he/she/it said.

I hadn’t thought of that, but since Manalo ends with an ‘o,’ it’s more likely a man’s name. Especially if it’s of Spanish or Portuguese origin. But I wasn’t guessing Manalo’s gender based on the name. I was basing my hypothesis on the actions. Not many women blindly teleport people to pole dancing orgy halls.