Check out my awesome asslessness!

I went country dancing and won some money. The theme during the contest was Cup ‘o Coffee. If you put your name on the voting board, you had to be drinking coffee. So I gave everyone a cup of coffee with the RoleModel Enterprises logo. Or I thought I did. I noticed later that it was just a white mug with in the file name. I deleted the white mug and created freebie folders with t-shirts, signs, and mugs.

Since only the country dance club owners can build on their land, I went back to Learn Avatar land to put a new graphic on the signs. Instead of having simply the DVD picture with the URL over it, I added a slogan, “the movie: What REALLY goes on in the US government” to explain what the heck is.

I left a copy of the sign in the sandbox. Soon thereafter I received a message from Andrew asking me to pick up my trash. He’s always policing the place. I noticed that he wasn’t in my friend list, so I added him.

I went back to the country dance club and danced awhile with Lui, a Canadian who raved about healthcare. I gave her a copy of my new freebie folder.

The new contest was called Assless. Assless? What does that mean?

I figured it out when the owner of the club said, “You can’t wear those pants if you’re going to be in the contest.” I looked around and noticed that everyone else was wearing chaps with their fashionable underwear in full view.

I didn’t have any chaps, so I made tightie whities and thigh-length purple socks. They were assless, but had more of a Superman look than country dancing. The club owner took one look and gave me chaps and a black thong.

Once I had those on, I announced in barroom chat, “Check out my awesome asslessness.”


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