I’m gonna partner myself to my female alt

I chatted with Lily for quite awhile. She has been dating a lot in Second Life lately. I asked how that was going. “Some people are jerks. But I just teleport away if I get sick of them,” she said. I have a feeling that must happen a lot.

She said she was currently involved in a week-long fling. “I think he’s about to break it off,” she said. He told her she doesn’t seem interested. Probably because she wasn’t.

I visited Chrissy. Her latest boyfriend is named Irish and they have a house together. Irish wasn’t being very chatty. He was probably chatting in private message to someone else.

I asked about Bogeyman. He’s dating Dakota now. Heather came back as an alt and had stopped by to tell Chrissy and Bogeyman about it.

“If she’s gonna mention it to you, why bother with the alt?” I asked.

“She’s a drama queen,” Chrissy said.

Heather’s alt is partnered to someone already. But she told Chrissy and Bogeyman that her partner is yet another alt. Sure he is.


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